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We offer 24/7 support and work with local vendors in your time zone to ensure a single point of contact for all your business technology requirements.


ISO Filfillment

Cloud Backup

Network Configuration

EMail Postmaster

PCI Compliance

Business Automation

Computer Repair/Upgrade

Report and Theft Analysis

Virus/Spyware Removal

Data Recovery

Low-Voltage Cabling

Wire Clean Up

File and Printer Sharing

General IT Maintainence

We Create Fully Connected Systems So You Can Focus On Your Business

Companies promise “easy” installation. Yet when you get the system, you’re stuck trying to program and install it.
Avoid the stressful support call and let All Scale IT handle the installation and training for you.

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Device Repair & Troubleshooting

Repair or Replace?

Is your computer or point-of-sale terminal slowing down? Let All Scale IT troubleshoot the issue for you. As a bonus, we partner with ACE Recycling, so we will have the part or hardware you need. Save money and avoid any unnecessary downtime.

Hardware Repair

Hardware acting funny or completely shut down. Let All Scale IT diagnose and identify the problem. We’ll tell you what’s wrong with it and explain all the options you have. Whether it’s repairing or replacing the device, we have you covered.

Virus Removal/Prevention

It happens to everyone; you open an email or click a link now your computer has a virus.
Instead of trying to remove the virus yourself, let All Scale IT handle it for you. We will use our virus removal software to clear up your computer. Once your computer is doing better, we can discuss some preventative options.

General IT

Modern technology has come a long way; however, it seems to be getting more complicated as the years go on. Having a general IT center can help optimize your business needs. Our technicians will handle everything you need, and we will break it down so you can do it in the future.

Data Management, Backup, & Recovery

A growing business needs to be able to process and secure data in real-time. All Scale IT will customize a system for your specific business needs.

Data Management

As we move deeper into the 21st century managing your company’s data is becoming even more crucial. Business owners need to be able to access, update, store, secure, archive, and destroy data. Let All Scale IT organize your data so you can optimize the use of your data.

Data Backup

Let All Scale IT help migrate your systems to cloud services. This means you can stop worrying about hardware, maintenance, and server uptime. We will broker the best hosting solution for your specific needs.

Data Recovery

In most cases, we can recover data from failed point-of-sale machines, office PCs, and other pc-based systems. Our industry-leading tools are successful when the disk can still be partially read.

Network & Connectivity

Are you planning to open a new business? Why go through multiple companies to get everything you need done? All Scale IT can handle all your Network, Data Cabling, and hardware needs. Let us save you time and money by being your one-stop shop.

Data Cabling

Let All Scale IT run all your cables to a centralized location. We will also discuss what cabling will work best for you. We will ensure your network can carry all your business information securely and at incredible speed.

Wire Clean-up

Did you have a technician come out to install your network and now find yourself stuck with all these wires scattered around your back office? Unfortunately, this is an issue business owners experience. The good news is All Scale IT can help clean those wires up to clean up that back office.

Network & Sharing

A vital part of every business is its network connection. If business owners are not careful, data, documents, and files can be shared and accessed through the network. Make sure you are hiring a trusted expert to handle your networking connection.

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